Brendan Wray


small enough to
still pack a punch



There's something sort of magical that can happen when you decide to create ads with wild abandon. Here is a collection of speculative ads for a wide, and sometimes strange, set of products and services. Click the images to view them in full.

Black Flag
Super Swatter

As someone who’s faced a horde of flies (long story), I can say without a doubt in my mind that swatting a fly isn’t just a lackadaisical action. It is a battle that requries a weapon more powerful than that ragged kitchen towel. This campaign acts as the war cry before the skirmish.

Interactive Ad

Out of Home Ad

KitchenAid Stand MixeR

The worse part about cooking is definitely the mess left behind when all is seared and done. With this campaign, I wanted to exaggerate the messes that the everyday cook or baker creates to exemplify that life without a KitchenAid Stand Mixer is monstrous.

Strange DonutS

Donuts are great. Strange Donuts are better and, well, stranger. This ad is meant to show the range of pastry selections at Strange Donuts through a personality quiz. The stranger your answers, the stranger your choice should be. 

Brach's Candy CorN

There isn’t a household in America that can deny that at one point in their life, a glass bowl of Brach’s Candy Corn sat uneaten in their house. This campaign is meant to highlight that fact by tying nostalgic childhood moments with that universal fact.

Interactive Ad