Brendan Wray


BENGAY feels intrinsically old and outdated, but what if it celebrated it's history? Reveled in its' past? Opted for "vintage," not old-fashioned? And, more importantly, embodied its yesteryear into a character chockful of help?

The Doc

The Doc

Meet the Doc: the embodiment of Bengay's time-tested wisdom and history. He invented the stuff over 100 years ago, but remains relevant by always offering that helping hand you never quite know how to ask for.


Social and Pre-Roll

Bengay's presence on our timelines embraces that we all need a little help to be the people we want to be sometimes. The Doc's been around the block, so he knows just what you need.

Remedy Room

Remedy Room

The remedy room is where you become partners with the doc and explore the history of the brand. Better yet, its all readily sharable.



Bengay's new take on the world needed a new face: one that embraced the history while transitioning toward the future.

Meet the team

This project couldn't have happened without nine other amazing people. While I led the visuals of this campaign, they would be nothing without these talented managers, researchers and writers.